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Motive Group supplies businesses access to a huge range of people development programmes to train, develop and increase the efficiency of your teams.

Motive group offer a full range of culture and human resource support including:

  • HR Audit
  • Appraisal / personal Development Plan structure
  • Employment Law support
  • Strategic and practical culture development

Programme modules available include:

Customer Care
– Psychometric evaluation, Body language reading, individualising service, find a way to say yes, service levels

Advanced Customer Care
– Taking ownership of saying yes, the impact of attitude, internal customers,

Attitude is Everything
-Comprehensive assessment of attitude and its place in the workplace

Upsell and communication skills
– What makes people buy?, business service and product assessment, developing communication phrasing

Difficult customers / difficult conversations
– The personalisation of confrontation, managing conflict to a positive outcome, the equation of positive outcomes, customer focused outcomes

Welcome to Health and Safety

Supervision – the art of managing staff
– The leadership styles and the impact of personality on these, leadership self-assessment / peer assessment
– SWOT of leadership types and opportunities, Leadership ownership, Creating your own brand, critical external assessment

Human Resource – for Leaders
– Appraisals and constructive feedback – how to get better outcomes from discussions with team

Train the Trainer
– The scope of learning styles, How to manage different learning styles, training structures and follow up, training people not outcomes

Culture of Communication and Language
– Our culture and what we do to achieve it, international cultures and the value they add, your personal culture.

Personal Development Programmes
– The development of your own Personal Development Programme

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